We want you! Apply for board member

As the new academic year begins in September, Dionyx has new board member functions available. No experience needed, but enthusiasm and passion are a prerequisite! Help us organising tremendous events and illuminating workshops for the LGBTQIA+ youth and student community in Maastricht and Limburg.

How to apply?

You can apply by using the form via this link or send an email to dionyx@coclimburg.nl. Please state your name, education institute or current job, and a small motivation. The coordinator will contact you for an intake meeting (which can also be done digitally).

Why board member?
• Get free workshops about managing, hospitality e.d.
• Helping the LGBTQIA+ community in Maastricht and Limburg
• A boost for your CV (Personal Data Resume)
• Meet new people easily


Available functions

Board member Co-coordinator
• The right-hand of the coordinator
• Contacting organisations for partnerships and projects
• Doing administrative work (email, post, calling, finance)
• Writing policies and managing the Dionyx intranet
• Managing the volunteers of Dionyx


Board member Bar & Activities
• Managing a group of bar volunteers
• In charge of the bar during the meetings
• Propose activity ideas to the board
• Organising events with DJ’s and artists
• Free bar training provided by COC Limburg!


Board member Public Relations
• Organising promoting events during INKOM, SSC Information Market, UM Library stand…
• Managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…
• Order promotion material like bags, rainbow stickers, candy…
• Optional: designing and video editing


Board member External Relations
• Contacting local organisations
• Contacting partner organisations (Netherlands, Germany & Belgium)
• Establishing partnerships


Board member Information & Awareness
• Organising workshops about gender and sexuality
• Organise events on days like the Bi-visibility Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance…
• Managing a group of volunteers who want to give workshops